Lemon Water for Excellent Health?

lemon water

Lemons have been used for hundreds of years for flavoring and cleaning. The rinds, pulp, and juice are used for baking, and the juice can be mixed into a solution of water and vinegar (or salt) to break down tough stains. The health benefits of adding lemon to a diet are undisputed. Lemons contain many vitamins and nutrients, including: vitamin C, complex B vitamins, potassium, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and iron, among many others. While everyone knows the little citrus fruit packs a serious taste punch, many are not aware of the benefits of incorporating it into a daily routine.


Each morning, in order to reap the benefits of the addition, one must add the juice of one quarter or one half of a lemon (depending on personal taste) to lukewarm water on an empty stomach. Using lukewarm water is simply an educated suggestion, because our bodies absorb nutrients more effectively in that temperature range, but cold water will not harm anything. Warm water is only suggested for the early morning intake, and cold water can be used throughout the rest of the day.



Lemons are also very acidic, so it’s important to note that the juice should be diluted with water at ALL times for intake. It’s also imperative to use an additional cup of water to rinse the inside of the mouth once the warm lemon water is finished. This will deplete any excess acid that’s left remaining on the teeth, preventing enamel breakdown and decay that might be caused by remaining lemon juice (over long periods of time).


The vitamins that lemons contain all have different health benefits associated with them, especially the pectin. Pectin is a heteropolysaccharide (nutrient) that helps to promote colon health and reduce hunger cravings in the human body. By drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, you are providing your body with the means to control “hunger pangs”. This will cause you to eat less over a period of time, and be more satisfied and fulfilled with what is chosen. It also helps (when used throughout the day) to ward off feelings of hunger between meals, and many users report no longer feeling the need to snack throughout their workday. Lemon water also aids digestion by loosening known toxins within the human digestive system.

Drinking lemon water also promotes a boost in energy, and can provide a way to kick a caffeine habit. The natural vitamins and nutrients associated with lemon juice provide a sort of “energy buzz” that many users report feeling throughout the entire day. The diluted juice will also boost the immune system and provide additional helpful nutrients (calcium, iron, etc). Extra nutrients in a daily diet can only be beneficial.

Lemon juice also adds an unexpected twist to its health benefits; the ability to reduce and remove acne and wrinkles. Lemon juice will detoxify the blood and promote great skin health. Using the lemon juice as suggested will rid your skin of blemishes and reduce the look of wrinkles over long term use. It’s possible to see an improvement after just a few days.

As discussed, it detoxifies the blood, which means that present toxins are being flushed out of your body each time you partake in the morning routine. This cleanses the human body internally, and promotes healthy enzyme function. Since lemons are so high in bioflavonoids, it helps destroy free radicals that are lying in wait to cause illness in the body. Free radicals are groups of atoms that are unbalanced, unstable, and are unprepared to interact with certain chemicals and nutrients. The antioxidants in lemon juice can interact with free radicals and naturally slow down (or destroy) the chain reaction of free radicals, which usually results in illness.

The potassium in the diluted lemon juice (lemon water) promotes brain function and nourishes the nerve cells in the body. The correct amount of potassium does wonders for the brain, by sending more oxygen to the appropriate nerves and reduces stress. The potassium and iron in lemon water will also promote stronger bones and balance out the fluids in the body to the appropriate places. Potassium is used by every single cell in the body, so promoting healthy intake is essential for good health.



Drinking lemon water each morning is a simple and affordable way to maintain excellent health. The benefits are almost endless, and partaking in this small diet addition will give you more energy, beautiful skin, and a boosted immune system. Lemon juice is one of the best methods of balancing the PH level of the body. It can’t be stressed enough how healthy and simplistic this morning routine can be. Drink the lemon water directly through a straw about 30 minutes before breakfast and enjoy the daily (and lifelong) benefits to your health.

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