Mi40 Review

 A Successful Way to Have the Ultimate Body That You Desire with Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40


Mi40 Review

Are you among those individuals aiming to have that ultimate body?

The thing is that it is not as easy to achieve. It is a complete and long process. If you want to succeed, you need to go through the entire process. Fortunately today, there are already nice people who are willing to share their knowledge and secrets about their muscle-building success, like Ben Pakulksi.


Ben Pakulksi

He is the same man who is behind the creation of today’s most popular muscle building program, the Mi40. This is the system which has been featured on various magazine covers, like Muscle Mag, Muscular Development and more.

Over the years, his creation has transformed hundreds of lives, from males to females across the world. They took a chance in following this program and they are presently enjoying its primary benefits. They are after having the ultimate body they desire.

As the creator of the Mi40 program, he did not achieve such success without his constant effort to on researching the muscle building. Every research was implemented and practiced on his gym. His knowledge as a bodybuilder helped him significantly in developing the system. Years later, the fruit of his labor was launched. It became a huge success that helped him in achieving the ultimate desire of most people.



Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40 as a Muscle Building Program

In Ben Pakulksi’s official page, he revealed the top 5 reasons why most people who want to gain muscle never succeed in the process. They always end up not succeeding even after combining the efforts. The good news is that despite the previous mistakes you have, there is a solution you can have access to finally succeed in gaining muscle. You can also have that body you desire. That is the Mi40 program.

Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40system is the answer that lets you take your build to new heights. You can also maximize your potential. In the end, you will gain muscle with immense strength and even without using drugs. Simply said, it is a natural solution to achieving physical perfection.



What the Mi40 Program Includes

40-Day Mass Intelligence Training Manual

Ben promised that you will gain huge muscle mass in no time at all. It leads you to the best result through the concept wherein it was developed from. This concept involves on improving your body built and muscle mass. You can build tension in your muscles. It completely relies on the concept of intensifier NOS while using the number 40’s scientific significance that is concerned more on permanent and rapid growth.

The program is an extensive training manual that provides an in-depth explanation behind the technique intensifier NOS. And, as a user, you can execute INTENT.


40-Day Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual

It basically contains information on how you can achieve most people’s most common goal on gaining muscle. That is to build muscle and lose fats in a short period of time. You want to become bigger and leaner. This part of Ben’s program helps you achieve that through his patented Three Phase Nutrition dietary strategy. Learn how to increase muscle size and lose fat while implementing what you’ve learned!

4-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos

Ben has been working as a coach for years already. He has his lengthy coaching years and his credentials include the chance of coaching with world-class athletes such as Matt Stirling – Bodybuilding Champion, Emily Stirling – Figure Champ, Vince Del Monte – Pro Fitness Model and more!

The best part about his credentials is that his videos while guiding these athletes were recorded. And these videos are included in the program. You can get the chance to watch and learn from them!

40-Day Mass Proportions Exercise Execution Guide

Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40 system is not just comprised of food and nutrition-related information that you need for your ultimate body. It also covers your physical activity needs. This manual contains the 4 best exercises designed to help in building muscle.

The exercises are divided into two: “Mass Appeal Exercises” and “Mass Construction Exercises”. All exercises featured come with pictures which demonstrate the right positions. These must be performed from the beginning until the end. The manual also includes information explaining how you can lengthen and shorten muscle by performing an array of motion.

40-Day Mass Prescription Printable Workout Sheets

Ben also ensured in this Mi40 program that you do not need to worry about anything. All activities you need to perform are outlined in this part of the program. 40 workouts are outlined in the manual with details on exercises, set and rep, rest period and tempo that you must perform.

4-Day Mass Pursuit Calendar

There is no easier way to follow a workout than what is planned to be executed on a daily basis. Be able to track your own progress, set your workout goals and keep yourself motivated to achieve your main goal. This is one way to successfully transform your body.

40-Day Mass Supplement Stack Protocol

You already know the use of supplements for muscle building. Supplements are the ones that help the body to quickly recover. Thus, you are allowed to train harder and grow faster. This component tells you not just the most obvious supplements you must take. There are also the ones that are after your utmost recovery.

Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

This is considered as the component wherein you will find out the most under-the-radar and uncommon strategies. These have helped Ben in producing optimal gains.



The components of Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40 program are not the only reasons that make them a great option as a muscle building system. Its price also has something to do with it. Right now, the program is offered at a special $50% off, as part of the Mr. Olympia Debut Sale. From the original price of $1,319, you are given the chance to get the entire package for only $77.





Review overview

Instruction work out videos10
Mass consumption nutritional guide10
Printable workout sheets9.6
Exercise execution guide9.7



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